On-Site Sessions

We also deliver  world-class presentations, executive briefings and workshops in one and two-day formats.

These are not academic exercises - we offer very practical sessions with a laser focus on how to apply critical thinking in the workplace.

We work with you and your team both before and after workshops to make sure you get the most out of them when it matters - back at work.

Virtual Sessions

This online version of the "Lunch and Learn" format enables your team to meet remotely or to get together in a conference room with a projector and speakerphone.

You select topics relevant to you to create your own series which we lead in three 90-minute sessions delivered over the web.

Online discussion groups are used to continue the conversation, ask questions and provide coaching between sessions.

Just-in-Time Coaching

Critical thinking skills are not developed in a day. It takes ongoing practice and coaching so that you begin to think about real problems and situations differently. This is how critical thinking becomes an applied skill rather than an academic exercise.

We provide remote coaching for both individuals and teams to help them incorporate effective critical thinking skills into their day to day work. We also advise leaders  on how to build a work environment that fosters creative thinking.

You pick the package that makes sense for you, your schedule and your budget. Whether it's email, web meeting, phone or messaging, we'll be there when you need us.