TurboTeam™ Tools


What are TurboTeam™ Tools?

TurboTeam™ Tools (which we often call “T3”) are simple but very powerful tools that empower teams to address the people-side problems that degrade team performance and cause projects to disappoint.

They are accessed on-line and are designed with “just-in-time coaching” so they guide the team through the process step-by-step. At a regular team meeting, the team can successfully address a tough problem and build its performance skills at the same time.

TurboTeam™ Tools are useful in four situations:

(1) when starting a new project,

(2) when the situation changes,

(3) when the team gets stuck and

(4) when the team leader wants to develop the team.




What Do You Mean by “People-Side Problems?

People-side problems stem from the way teams interact with each other, with stakeholders and with others in their organization.

Problems often show up as churn, where the team gets stuck and can’t get to a good decision. It’s frustrating and disappointing and is the reason that some 70% of projects don’t achieve their initial goals.


What Causes These Problems?

No project proceeds exactly as envisioned. Problems inevitably arise that force the team to rethink aspects of its course.

These problems arise because of many factors. The situation changes. Miscommunications occur. People get distracted by other priorities. Information you need is not available.

Some shifts also occur as the project progresses and people gain a better understanding of the situation.  Later in the project they may not see things as they did at the beginning.

There are countless reasons that teams face hurdles and the larger and more complex the project, the more damage they cause.




How Do You Solve These Problems?

The team has to decide what to do. But when the team tries to work through the problems, too many things get in the way.

Team members may see the problem differently. Loud voices may dominate. The desire to avoid conflict may shut down useful options. Stakeholders may make difficult demands. People outside the team, who could be helpful, may not share the team’s urgency.

No matter what the problem, however, the path to a solution is the same: Get to the most accurate understanding of the situation that you can. Distinguish between what you know and where you need to make guesses. Consider the organizational context and people’s emotions. Then make the best decision you can and remain alert to problems and unanticipated consequences so you can make corrections as needed.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But few teams can successfully execute on this approach. That’s where TurboTeam™ Tools come in.